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I started reselling during the Fall of my Junior year of college. I was insanely busy with classes, my sorority, and everything else that comes with being 20 years old, but I still needed to earn some money to support my Dunkin' Donut's addiction.

My roommate was actually the one that suggested I try selling on Poshmark. She'd made over $500 in 6 months and all she was doing was selling the clothes that she'd stopped wearing in her own closet.

It seemed to good to be true. There was no way I'd be able to make that much with that little work. Right? Well, I gave it a try anyways and two weeks later I'd made my first sale! And... then... I had my first sale canceled. That's right. Canceled. It was my own fault. I took way too long to ship because I had no clue where to get boxes or how to package anything.

Luckily I made my second sale just a week later and I took my shoes and shipping label down to the Post Office to get a box and ship them off. Luckily, since I decided to start on Poshmark, I didn't have to pay for the shipping supplies when I got them because Poshmark's partnership with the USPS allows you to use their free priority shipping materials.

That's right, I said FREE shipping materials. The best part about these supplies? The boxes are made from recycled materials and they can be recycled again after you use them!

They're available right at the Post Office for you to package right there. You can also order bundles of boxes and other supplies from the USPS's website, but keep in mind that it can take a while for them to deliver the supplies to you depending on your location and the demand your local office may be dealing with.

If I'd known about this awesome resource before I started listing on Posh, I wouldn't have lost that first sale. Having the ability to get shipping supplies for free also meant I could focus entirely on putting my profits right in my pocket instead of into materials to get my sales to their new owners.

I started looking into blogs, Instagram accounts, and YouTube pages that were run by full-time or part-time resellers to learn more ways that I could be successful on Poshmark. I still had no plans of making this my full-time job, but I wanted to make as much as I could with it while I wasn't able to work a "normal" job due to my crazy schedule.

I started to get really intimidated if I'm being honest. These amazing entrepreneurs were earning thousands a year, enough to quit their jobs and live off of. They were spending their entire days sourcing inventory and packaging sales. I kept comparing my two $10 sales to their thousands of designer scores and I got incredibly discouraged. Why would anyone want to buy my second-hand, Forever 21 when there's Chanel and Gucci listings for 50% off retail?

Comparison is the thief of joy. There is a market for absolutely EVERYTHING and that's the amazing thing about being a reseller. Sure, there are brands that will be more popular than others or may resell for a higher profit, but there is someone out there for every listing. I didn't start investing money into my inventory until I had been going for over a year. Everything came from my personal closet, and I still made plenty of sales. I wouldn't be here if I hadn't been successful starting like that!

What matters is that you take well-lit, clear photos of your item from every possible angle. Include photos of the size and material tags if they're attached and take measurements! Your descriptions should be detailed and include plenty of key words for search engines to pick up on! Start by selling items that you already own that you haven't worn. The rule I used for myself was: If I haven't worn it in the last 6 months and I won't wear it in the next 6 months, it's getting listed.

If you want to start by thrifting, make sure you do your research before going for the first time. Take time to look up what is selling well on the platform you're selling on and don't buy anything without looking up how it's sold in the past. One of my biggest mistakes when I did start sourcing for inventory was overpaying for basic pieces. I'd see a brand tag and immediately buy without checking to make sure that piece would actually sell well. I've had so many pieces sit for months before finally selling for barely any profit.

Spend time looking at what other resellers are recommending. That doesn't mean every brand that's popular for one reseller will be the same for you, but it'll help you get familiar with the labels you may see when you do source. It also doesn't mean that those are the only items you should buy! If you like it and you'd wear it, someone else probably will too!

It's also important to keep in mind what YOU would want as a customer. What would get you to buy from your shop? Is it the style, price, or brand? Is it free shipping, cute packaging, or free extra goodies included? Whatever experience it is that would get you to spend your hard earned cash is what you should give to your customers.

I'm so incredibly grateful that I started reselling two years ago, and that I had this side-hustle

to rely on for that last several months. I never had intentions of actually pursuing this as my full-time job or career, but this pandemic put a wrench in my plans for after I graduated this past May. The "normal" and secure job that I was supposed to have suddenly wasn't so secure or even existent any more. The Hippy Edit became my new normal and quite literally saved me. I have a pretty strong suspicion that being an entrepreneur will be the new normal for most people in the future, and that's so exciting!

If you want to earn a living as reseller or even just a decent side-income (it won't be passive, that's a myth), you have to be willing to do what sets you apart from the massive, and incredibly affordable, fast-fashion industry that's pumping out millions of clothing items and listings a day. It'll take work and time, but if you enjoy what you do, you'll never really work a day in your life.

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  • Katie Flynn

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

When I go thrifting for pieces to sell on The Hippy Edit, I rarely go in with something specific in mind. I love just diving in to the racks and hunting for whatever gems I can find. Even though I may not be looking for anything specific on my sourcing trips, there are a few brands that I will almost never (there are always exceptions though of course) leave behind.

1.) Champion

This is a bread and butter brand for my closet! I grab almost anything Champion that I can find when I'm out sourcing. I am also usually willing to "pay up" for certain pieces too because I know I can flip them quickly. Whether it's vintage, right out of their most current collection, or one of their basic hoodies, Champion sells well and it sells FAST!

2.) Express

Another bread and butter brand for my closet! Express has a huge range of products for every occasion so they're a great, versatile brand. Their jeans are amazing quality and seem to be pretty popular on Poshmark. I love finding them to resell along with their professional line. This is another brand that I know I can usually flip very quickly, so I always grab it if the piece is cute and trendy!

3.) American Eagle Outfitters

This is a brand I hunt for when I am at the bins or sourcing somewhere that helps me keep my cost of goods very low. The margins are not great for American Eagle, but their items usually move quickly for me, so when I can get it for cheap, I'll buy whatever I can find. I know I can guarantee at least a $15 sale when I list American Eagle items, so if the margins make sense, I go for it!

4.) Qupid

This is the first and only brand that I look for one type of item specifically, and that's shoes. Qupid has some of the cutest and trendiest shoe styles I have ever seen,

and I can almost always flip them for a great profit if I find them in perfect condition. A good portion of the shoes I've listed in my closet have been from this brand and they're all SO cute!

5.) Urban Outfitters

This is a no brainer for most resellers out there. Urban Outfitters does very well for me but I usually only pick them up if I can get the piece for a really low cost, like American Eagle. I've found that most of the listings I've posted that are Urban Outfitters get a lot of likes and engagement, but they typically sell for lower than I hoped. I still grab UO whenever I can though because I know they'll sell for a decent profit!

6.) Madewell

I buy Madewell in the same way that I buy Urban. If the piece seems current and in good condition, and I can keep the cost of goods down, I'll pick it up. It's another one that will do well if I'm selective about the style and the condition. It isn't one that I'll pick up every single time, because comps aren't always great on every item, but if the price is right it's going in my cart.

7.) Lululemon

I almost never find Lulu out in the wild, but when I do, I grab it without hesitation. Lululemon will sell for a great profit with almost no exceptions. I've seen items with major issues like stains or holes sell for over 50% of the original retail value! It's a brand with an almost cult following and since they're so expensive normally, people are always on the hunt for any discount they can find.

8.) Altar'd State

Altar'd State is another one of those brands that I'll grab as long as the style fits in with the rest of my listings. It's a really popular, Christian themed brand and a lot of their pieces have a soft, bohemian feel to them. I don't always grab it though because not all their pieces have great comps, but their bathing suits and dresses are always winners!

9.) Levi's

With Levi's, I almost exclusively look for jeans. They obviously have many other products, but their jeans are classic and continuously popular no matter what style they are. The thrift stores around me are stocked full of vintage Levi's and their more current styles, so I'm never running short on awesome denim to source for my customers!

10.) Nike/Under Armour/Adidas

I put these three together because I approach them all the same way when I'm sourcing. Most of the time, unless you find a really modern or popular style, these brands are not going to sell for more than $20 a piece. That's a great price if you can keep your cost of goods low, but I definitely won't pick them up on a normal sourcing trip. I save these brands for trips to places like the bins, similar to how I shop for American Eagle.

These are the brands that make up the bulk of my sales but they may not be the best for you! Every closet is different and it's important to consider who your customer is before buying inventory. There are plenty of brands that I know do incredibly well for other sellers that I stay far away from because I know my shoppers just won't be interested in them. Take the time to do your own research, and start with the brands you know well!

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  • Katie Flynn

When I decided to have this business make the switch to 100% eco-friendly packaging, I spent a lot of time doing research on potential products to use. There are a lot of companies out there that make amazing quality materials, but they just weren't the right fit for one

reason or another.

Several had minimum order quantities that were too high for what we needed or they were just simply out of our price range.

Then, I found EcoEnclose and it was like all my problems disappeared. Their minimums are low (for non-customized orders) and so are their prices. Their range of products is enormous and I was honestly a little overwhelmed the first time I visited their site to place an order. We've been using their products now for over six months, so I decided to break own my top five holy grail items that I refuse to depart from. And no, this isn't a sponsored post!

1. Biodegradable Cello Carton Sealing Tape

This is my number 1 product because it's the one I probably use the most. Every package is sealed with it and I use it to wrap individual pieces as well. They make their cello tape using

entirely plant-derived materials and a natural rubber based adhesive.

It's completely and naturally biodegradable, so even if it gets tossed in the trash, it will break down easily and won't harm the planet!

2. We Care Cards

I love using these cards for my packaging. They're such a great way to let your customers know that you use 100% eco-friendly materials and the best part is they're FREE!! That's right, EcoEnclose will send you all the Care cards you could ever need for no cost other than shipping, which is calculated by weight individually for every order. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on extra marketing materials, throw in a pack of these with your next order. They're a great marketing tool for little to no extra cost!

3. Paper Apparel Mailers

These are the mailers we use for the bulk of our orders (large bundles & shoes go in a USPS priority box because we haven't transitioned to custom boxes yet and the USPS ones are at least recyclable). I decided to go with these after going through their recommended supplies for clothing. I love the kraft paper color and they're self-sealing which can make

packaging a breeze! We do choose to add extra tape along the openings though, just for additional security. With four sizes ranging from 7"x9" to 10.5"x4"x19", there's a size for everything from small accessories to small bundles.

4. Clear Flap & Seal Bags (with suffocation warning!)

Every single piece of clothing and every shoe gets put in one of these bags for protection during shipment. Since we choose to ship most of our packages using the paper apparel mailers, it's important that we have an extra layer to provide protection from water damage and the elements. We also make sure to get the ones with the suffocation warning on them because safety first of course!

5. 100% Recycled Office Paper

Last but definitely not least, we really like to use their 100% recycled office paper for printing. It's great quality and has an awesome natural look, and of course it's eco-friendly! If you do a lot of printing, or any in general to be honest, I highly recommend checking out their office paper, notecards, and envelopes to make the switch to more sustainable materials.

Honorable Mentions!

There are a few products that we use or have tried that didn't make the list but still deserve a shoutout! The first is the 100% Recycled Polymailers, which are a great, waterproof option if you like to use polymailers for your shipments. We recently ordered their hemp twine to try as well. It's made from 100% natural hemp, but it is a little stiff and that's why it didn't quite make the top five. There's also several other decorative packaging elements such as tissue paper, packaging paper, and GreenWrap, if you're in to making your packaging extra special!

What I really love about EcoEnclose is that everything is 100% recycled and recyclable, meaning it's made from recycled materials and can be recycled after it's used! So often we see products that can be recycled but haven't been made sustainably, or the reverse. I've also seen many compostable mailers that can be broken down through the composting process, but aren't necessarily recyclable. Compostable products are a great step towards a sustainable world, but that isn't something that is accessible for the majority yet. Most people have the ability to recycle at home or work, so recyclable materials give a better opportunity to have those products be disposed of sustainably.

EcoEnclose has a lot of really great and affordable options for eco-friendly packaging and we've loved using their materials so far.

If you already pay for shipping supplies and aren't using eco-friendly supplies, consider making the switch to some of the options listed above! If you're not paying for supplies already, there are so many easy ways to start incorporating sustainable supplies for little to no cost, so let me know if you'd like a post dedicated to some of those ideas. If we all start making conscious choices to use sustainable practices in our businesses, we'll be able to make real progress to protect our planet!

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