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10 Brands I'll Never Pass Up While Thrifting

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

When I go thrifting for pieces to sell on The Hippy Edit, I rarely go in with something specific in mind. I love just diving in to the racks and hunting for whatever gems I can find. Even though I may not be looking for anything specific on my sourcing trips, there are a few brands that I will almost never (there are always exceptions though of course) leave behind.

1.) Champion

This is a bread and butter brand for my closet! I grab almost anything Champion that I can find when I'm out sourcing. I am also usually willing to "pay up" for certain pieces too because I know I can flip them quickly. Whether it's vintage, right out of their most current collection, or one of their basic hoodies, Champion sells well and it sells FAST!

2.) Express

Another bread and butter brand for my closet! Express has a huge range of products for every occasion so they're a great, versatile brand. Their jeans are amazing quality and seem to be pretty popular on Poshmark. I love finding them to resell along with their professional line. This is another brand that I know I can usually flip very quickly, so I always grab it if the piece is cute and trendy!

3.) American Eagle Outfitters

This is a brand I hunt for when I am at the bins or sourcing somewhere that helps me keep my cost of goods very low. The margins are not great for American Eagle, but their items usually move quickly for me, so when I can get it for cheap, I'll buy whatever I can find. I know I can guarantee at least a $15 sale when I list American Eagle items, so if the margins make sense, I go for it!

4.) Qupid

This is the first and only brand that I look for one type of item specifically, and that's shoes. Qupid has some of the cutest and trendiest shoe styles I have ever seen,

and I can almost always flip them for a great profit if I find them in perfect condition. A good portion of the shoes I've listed in my closet have been from this brand and they're all SO cute!

5.) Urban Outfitters

This is a no brainer for most resellers out there. Urban Outfitters does very well for me but I usually only pick them up if I can get the piece for a really low cost, like American Eagle. I've found that most of the listings I've posted that are Urban Outfitters get a lot of likes and engagement, but they typically sell for lower than I hoped. I still grab UO whenever I can though because I know they'll sell for a decent profit!

6.) Madewell

I buy Madewell in the same way that I buy Urban. If the piece seems current and in good condition, and I can keep the cost of goods down, I'll pick it up. It's another one that will do well if I'm selective about the style and the condition. It isn't one that I'll pick up every single time, because comps aren't always great on every item, but if the price is right it's going in my cart.

7.) Lululemon

I almost never find Lulu out in the wild, but when I do, I grab it without hesitation. Lululemon will sell for a great profit with almost no exceptions. I've seen items with major issues like stains or holes sell for over 50% of the original retail value! It's a brand with an almost cult following and since they're so expensive normally, people are always on the hunt for any discount they can find.

8.) Altar'd State

Altar'd State is another one of those brands that I'll grab as long as the style fits in with the rest of my listings. It's a really popular, Christian themed brand and a lot of their pieces have a soft, bohemian feel to them. I don't always grab it though because not all their pieces have great comps, but their bathing suits and dresses are always winners!

9.) Levi's

With Levi's, I almost exclusively look for jeans. They obviously have many other products, but their jeans are classic and continuously popular no matter what style they are. The thrift stores around me are stocked full of vintage Levi's and their more current styles, so I'm never running short on awesome denim to source for my customers!

10.) Nike/Under Armour/Adidas

I put these three together because I approach them all the same way when I'm sourcing. Most of the time, unless you find a really modern or popular style, these brands are not going to sell for more than $20 a piece. That's a great price if you can keep your cost of goods low, but I definitely won't pick them up on a normal sourcing trip. I save these brands for trips to places like the bins, similar to how I shop for American Eagle.

These are the brands that make up the bulk of my sales but they may not be the best for you! Every closet is different and it's important to consider who your customer is before buying inventory. There are plenty of brands that I know do incredibly well for other sellers that I stay far away from because I know my shoppers just won't be interested in them. Take the time to do your own research, and start with the brands you know well!

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