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5 Trends For Spring 2021

Say Hello To Colorful, Bold & Oversized!

I get so excited for this time of year because the fashion trends always seem to become so bright, fun, and exciting! The weather's warming up so of course our outfits need to also. I've broken down my top 5 favorite trends I've seen so far this spring and paired them with some of my favs from The Hippy Edit! Check it Out!

1.) Head Scarves

I'm a sucker for this 50s/60s era trend that's making its way back around this spring! I love how versatile this look can be. Wrap a bold geometric print around your head to keep your hair looking sleek or even loop a floral scarf through a ponytail for a flirty and girly look. The possibilities are endless!

2.) Pastel Color Tones

Nothing says spring quite like those light, pastel color tones! This trend is timeless for this time of year. These soft colors compliment almost every skin tone and feel effortless as the weather warms up! From baby pink to minty green, there's sure to be a color for everyone. This adorable yellow, pearl-button cardigan we have at The Hippy Edit even hits another 2021 Spring trend, Peasant Sleeves!

3.) Oversized Blazer Jackets

This trend is straight out of the 80s! I love playing with the silhouette of outfits and these oversized blazer jackets are such a great way to do it. Snag a jacket with some shoulder pads to add a little more structure to your look! I love how you can go casual or dressy with this look too!

4.) Bye, Bye Skinnies!

Just in case you haven't been on TikTok, or the internet, skinny jeans have been kicked to the curb this season and swapped out for wide-leg cuts and more relaxed fits. I can't say I'm disappointed, but I'm definitely being forced to completely reevaluate my wardrobe (and personal identity... am I a millennial because I like my side part??). Luckily, we have plenty of adorable, relaxed denim styles available at The Hippy Edit!

5.) Checkerboard

It's time to break out your old checkerboard slip-on Vans because this bold pattern is back baby! From bright and colorful streetwear to small, professional checkerboards, the ways to rock this trend never seem to end! Personally, I love it as an added pop through accessories like belts and jackets!


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