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Eco-Friendly Packaging On A Budget!

Making Sustainable Swaps

Making sustainable business choices can be hard and expensive, especially when it comes to packaging. With all those plastic poly mailers in cute patterns that cost less than a penny apiece, and profit margins that are tight enough, why would you choose to package with eco-friendly materials that can cost five times as much, at least? Well, I've got some ideas for keeping your orders looking great while also staying sustainable at the same time!

1. Reuse Boxes & Mailers!

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but reuse all those boxes and mailers you get from your online orders! We've all been ordering online a lot more because of the Pandemic, so put those boxes and mailers to good use again and use them to package all your awesome orders! This is my stockpile and I LOVE having it on hand. I have boxes in every size you could dream of and tons of mailers in case I run out of my pretty ones from EcoEnclose. I've never had a customer complain when I choose to use twice-loved packaging material either! It's not a perfect solution but it definitely helps keep waste out of landfills for much longer!

2. Save Those Clothing Tags!

I recently ordered from ChicEndeavors on Posh and not only did she use twice-loved packaging, but she also had the cutest idea for a thank you card. She saved a tag from a clothing item she must have purchased for herself, and used the blank side to write the sweetest note! This is definitely something I'll have to keep in mind for the future because I love adding in a more personalized note for returning customers!

3. Order USPS Priority Boxes!

USPS offers priority shipping supplies through their website that you can have delivered right to your door for absolutely FREE! I love the boxes because their made from post-consumer waste and can be recycled again. They have so many different sizes to choose from and the boxes are really nice quality. My personal favorites are the Medium Flat Rate Box, which is perfect for shoes, and the Mailing Boxes, which come in a variety of sizes and are great for bundles or home goods!

4. Recycle Old Bed Sheets & Other Fabrics!

Another idea courtesy of an awesome Posher I ordered from, TheStripedFox! I purchased a bundle from her and it came tied up in a strip of recycled fabric. I loved the material and had to learn more so I did a deep dive on her Instagram and found out that she purchases sheets, blankets, curtains, and other large pieces of fabric when she's thrifting and tears them into strips to use for her orders! You can get these items for under $10 most of the time and you'll have plenty of material to use!

5. Make Affordable Sustainable Swaps Where Possible!

If you have the budget, EcoEnclose has some great options for making your packaging cute while keeping a certain budget! My biggest recommendation is their biodegradable cello packing tape. It's made from plant materials and has a natural rubber adhesive, so it can break down even if it goes to a landfill. At only $6.75 a roll, it's a great option if you're looking to start making sustainable swaps but on a tight budget!

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