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Get FREE Inventory For Your Reselling Business!

How I'm Using Flyp To Branch Into Consignment

This post contains affiliate links! If you choose to use my link, I'll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thanks so much for your support!

I've wanted to break into doing consignment for a long time. I knew it had the potential to help me grow my reselling business to new heights, but I wasn't sure how to get started. It felt like every time I tried to find out how to find clients or set commission rates from someone who was already successful with consignment, I was running up against a gate that was locked tight. It's understandable why those are such well-kept secrets. That's how the industry stays competitive!

But what if I told you that there's a platform out there that takes ALL the guesswork out of consignment?? What if I told you that they'll allow you to sign up for free and start receiving inventory in as little as a week?? I know it sounds too good to be true, but it's real, and it's called Flyp!!

I found Flyp on Instagram when it was recommended by a fellow reseller who had recently begun consignment with them. She posted about how she got all this amazing higher-end inventory for absolutely no cost to her. After reading her post, I immediately had the app store up and Flyp downloaded. By the next morning, I had been matched with a lot and had received it by the following week! Check out my YouTube channel for an unboxing!

Flyp works by matching Pro Sellers with individuals looking to offload lots of clothing. Some of those people are resellers themselves looking to move extra inventory and some are just people cleaning out their closets. Either way, Flyp has gone through and approved all the pieces that are in each lot. They don't allow brands that are over-saturated or low-end fast-fashion.

Each weeknight at 6:00 pm EST, new lots will drop! You apply for lots you're interested in by submitting your commission rates. You'll find out the following morning whether you were matched with any of them. If you were, you'll have the chance to submit pricing estimates, which the owner of the lot can decline, accept or ignore. If they accept, the lot will be shipped within seven business days at no cost to you!

When you receive the lot, you'll be able to check over all the items included for damages or missing pieces. I've received one lot with a damaged item and one lot that had a couple of pieces missing. In the case of the damaged item, I asked her if she wanted it returned to her or donated and she said to donate it. I marked it as damaged in Flyp which automatically updated the pricing estimate for the lot!

In the case of the missing pieces, she had accidentally included three incorrect items in their place. I was able to add those to her lot in Flyp and remove the missing ones which also automatically updated the pricing estimate for the lot. In both situations, I was not penalized for the damages or missing items and my clients were super understanding!

After checking over all your items, you'll mark the lot as arrived and you can begin processing and listing! Flyp recommends that you get the items listed to your platforms within seven business days and you have ninety days from the lot's arrival to sell everything. If an item doesn't sell within those ninety days, you have a few options. You can either send the item back to the client, donate it for them, or continue to sell it at an adjusted rate. Whatever you decide with your client is up to you, but Flyp will help facilitate if you need to ship items back!

When an item sells, you'll mark it as sold in the app. You don't have to provide a payout immediately. Flyp gives clients a heads up that it could take up to thirty days to receive their funds, which allows for processing times, return windows, and all the other things that can come into play when an item sells. The more items you sell, the more lots you'll be allowed to apply for and receive!

I can honestly say Flyp has been a game-changer for me! Being able to acquire inventory at no cost and basically no effort is huge. I don't have to go to the thrift or the bins, instead, the items arrive right at my doorstep. My clients have all been incredibly sweet and excited to get their items moving! If you're interested in checking out Flyp for yourself and receiving FREE inventory, click here!

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