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Going Pro

My Impressions From One Week On List Perfectly's Pro Plan

This post contains affiliate codes! I do receive a small commission if you choose to use my code! :)

If you've followed my blog at all, you already know that my number one tool that I use for my business is List Perfectly. Just in case you're not familiar, List Perfectly is an AMAZING

eCommerce solution for crossposting, relisting, inventory management and so much more. They're the only service to offer completely unlimited crossposting to over 10 different platforms and using them has made my life so much easier.

If you're interested in giving LP a try, use my code: THEHIPPYEDIT for 30% off your first month! This code works for any plan, but I highly recommend trying out the Pro to start!

I started my List Perfectly journey with the Business Plan, their middle-tier plan. I wanted access to bulk cross-posting and their CSV downloads but wasn't ready to pay for the Pro Plan at $69/month. It worked for a while but I quickly realized that I was missing out on a lot of time-saving features that come with the Pro Plan.

Still, it took me a while to feel ready to upgrade to the Pro Plan because of that price tag. I wasn't confident enough in my business yet to spend that kind of money, but after they released their new Pro Description Builder and Global Description Footers, I decided it was worth it to at least try!

The Biggest Pull

So let's talk about this Pro Description Builder. If you're looking for help optimizing your listings, this is it. This is the tool that will build your descriptions to be fully optimized for search engines and consumer's eyes. I mean they even used eye-tracking study results to help them craft this!

All you have to do is fill out their fields with whatever information you have about that listing, and List Perfectly will do all the formatting! If you want to see what your description will be before listing it,

head down to the Customizations section and check out the Description Preview. I find I usually have to hit "Enter" after filling out the form before it will show up in the preview!

There's even an option to have an optimized title and keywords suggested to you with the Pro Plan. I personally don't use these features because I like choosing my own keywords and titles, but it's there if you want to save even more time!

Optimizing your listings is so important if you want to be really successful selling, but it can also be incredibly tedious. I love that the Pro Description Builder does all that irritating formatting for me because I can spend more time and energy on writing creative descriptions!

What Are "Global Description Footers"??

Only the coolest feature of the LP Pro Plan! If you couldn't tell, I LOVE the Global Description Footers. I think they're one of the most unique, yet useful, features that LP offers, and they've come in handy so much for me.

You enable these Description Footers by heading over to your account settings. Then, you can add a unique footer for each of the platforms that you list on! I love this because each platform has different rules about the language that can be included in your listings. Some platforms have Direct Messaging, while others only have a comment section. Basically, every platform is different, and catering to all of them in one universal description footer can be a challenge.

By using these footers, you can ensure information like shop policies and marketplace-specific information gets added to the end of each listing. For example, I like adding info about my eco-friendly packaging to each listing, but I have to keep it much shorter on Poshmark because that platform allows fewer characters for the description than any other platform.

On Depop, I encourage buyers to DM me to create bundles or for discounts, but that's not something I want to be pushed on Mercari. The Description Footers let me customize for every platform and save me so much time. I used to have to edit each footer by hand depending on the platform I was cross-posting to and it took FOREVER. Now it's taken care of automatically!

But Is It Really Worth It?

YES!! I've only used the Pro Plan for one week, but I can confidently say that it's worth every single penny. I'm so excited about the potential this has to help me grow my business. I was already in love with LP and can't imagine running The Hippy Edit without it. There's a ton of other game-changing features that I didn't even mention such as, the most information gets crossposted on this plan, and you of course have access to their sales analytics and downloadable CSVs, both of which make taxes a breeze!

I'm also super excited to see where they're taking the Pro Plan in the future!

I've heard rumors about a new feature to give limited access to employees or virtual assistants, something I'm beyond pumped to see roll out eventually.

As someone that's looking to bring on help in the somewhat near(ish) future, this was another huge pull for me to upgrade now!

When I started with List Perfectly, I never imagined I'd be the type to write blog article after article raving about how much I love this company, but it's a service that has COMPLETELY changed my business for the better and I can't keep that all to myself! They've created an incredibly supportive community and their customer service is top-notch. Join their Facebook Group if you want to learn more about the amazing LP Family!

Get 30% Off Your First Month of List Perfectly with code: THEHIPPYEDIT

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