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How I Package My Orders!

Updated Eco-Friendly Packaging!

I love getting creative with my packaging. It's one of my favorite ways to show my customers that I appreciate every single one of their purchases! Every order gets treated the same, no matter the size. Check me out on TikTok to see exactly how I package my orders!

Step 1: Flap & Seal Bags

Every piece of clothing gets put in one of these flap & seal bags from EcoEnclose as soon as they've been photographed and processed. They're made from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled again after they're used! I love them because they protect my inventory from pet hair and dust while being stored and the elements during shipment.

Step 2: Tissue Paper Sealed With A Logo Sticker

I also get my tissue paper from EcoEnclose. It's super affordable and is, of course, made from 100% recycled materials, recyclable, and biodegradable! Most people don't realize it, but the tissue paper you can get at Walmart or other stores isn't recyclable because of a coating put on it. Luckily, EcoEnclose has plenty of options, including some adorable designs!

I create my logo stickers by using my custom logo stamp and blank kraft stickers! I got my stamp from DesignOD on Etsy. It was a really simple a fast proess. All I had to do was pick the size, send them my images and they did the rest! They sent me proofs before creating the stamps and their customer service was so great. After I approved the proofs, they had them made and shipped that same day! My kraft stickers are the only part of my packaging that isn't currently recyclable because of the adhesive on the back, but I'm doing lots of research into some awesome sustainable stickers for the near future!

Step 3: Thank You Cards, We Care Cards & Fun Stickers

I designed my thank you cards in Canva, a service I no longer recommend due to terrible customer service. I've switched over to Adobe Spark and am in the process of redesigning my cards with them! I include a thank you card and a We Care Card from EcoEnclose with every order!

Each order also gets two free stickers! Currently, I buy the stickers from Amazon but I'd love to find a small business to buy wholesale from. I'd love to find some that have to do with mental health, body positivity, being outdoors, plants, or anything else you may have that you believe fits my brand! Email me at if you're interested in working with me!

Step 4: Mailers & Shipping Labels

My shipping labels and mailers both come from EcoEnclose. I use their paper apparel mailers currently, which I absolutely love, but I'm in the process of switching over to their new EcoX Mailers. I'm making the switch because unfortunately, the apparel mailers are not waterproof, but the EcoX Mailers are! They also come in a larger variety of sizes and are a little more flexible than the paper apparel mailers, which makes it easier to package with them. I'm really liking them so far and I'm excited to get more sizes soon!

I use EcoEnclose's Direct Thermal Labels with my Rollo Printer. This is hands down one of my favorite investments I've made for my business. It saves me so much time and money by cutting down on printer ink and tape. The Rollo Printed is a thermal printer, so it doesn't require any ink! It's also one of the few that's compatible with almost any kind of label, unlike other printers that require to use the labels made by the same brand. I've seen other small businesses use their label printers to make all kinds of fun stickers to use with their packaging! The Possibilities are endless!

I also use the shipping labels to seal my orders. I cut them into strips and use another stamp to decorate them! I have a couple of other stamps that I use to add a special touch to each package also. This is yet another reason I prefer kraft mailers to poly mailers, you can write and stamp all over them! As I mentioned before, I invested in a custom logo stamp from DesignOD on Etsy, but I also ordered one that says "Please Recycle Me"! They both came out exactly as I hoped. I honestly can't wait to order more from them in the future (I just need to think of some ideas!)

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