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Relisting To Make Sales

How I've Created a Strategy That Works

When I started reselling I was a person that fully believed that the more "likes" my listings got, the better. Then I saw a post on Instagram that stopped me in my tracks while scrolling. It explained a hard truth I didn't want to admit at first. If they wanted it, they would buy it, not like it.

This reseller was talking about how once a listing received more than a couple of likes and sat for a month or two, she'd relist it. She didn't worry about losing the "likes", shares, and other engagement. She just worried about getting fresh eyes on that listing and by relisting it, she got it back on the "Just In" pages of each platform.

I decided to give it a try and manually listed around five listings that had been sitting with no love for a while. Low and behold, two of them sold within a week! After that, I decided to find ways to incorporate relisting into my routine, but I wanted to take it a step further than just relisting those that had a bunch of likes.

When COVID hit, I joined a group on Instagram that was doing a relisting challenge. This group encouraged me to try out a third-party relisting service (who shall remain nameless in this post) and relist at least 5-15 items every single day for a week. It was way easier to relist higher quantities with the help of that service, but I quickly realized that particular one wasn't a good fit for me and my business.

Then I found List Perfectly and everything fell into place. This service had made my entire process so much more efficient. Without List Perfectly, this method would take me probably ten times as long, no exaggeration. Now that I've gotten it all nailed down, I want to share the strategy that's worked for me, step-by-step!

Every morning I start my day by relisting 20 items from my inventory catalog to Mercari and Poshmark. List Perfectly makes this way more time-efficient to do than doing each listing manually. I also spend the entire day every Sunday relisting every single listing I have so I start each week with a fresh catalog!

I pick the 20 listings that are at the bottom of my closet and then go into List Perfectly and hit the "Start Selecting" button that's in the top left-hand corner of my catalog. I have the Business Plan ($49/month) that allows me to end listings in bulk instead of one-by-one, so I'm able to select as many as my internet speed allows me to post at once. (The List Perfectly record of listings cross-posted at once is 300 listings!!)

Once you have all the listings selected, hit the "STOP" button that's now in the upper left-hand corner. I'm able to do over 20 at once, but for this article, I'm showing only four. Once you click "STOP" a new window will pop up.

A word of caution, especially if you're trying to do a large number of listings, DO NOT click out of this window or you will have to reselect every listing. Trust me, I've learned this the hard way and it can be time-consuming to have to repeat your selections.

Select all the market places that you want to relist on (I've chosen Poshmark and Mercari) and hit the large "End Listing" button. A smaller pop up will appear and you'll need to hit "okay". This will trigger List Perfectly to start working and remove all the selected listings from each marketplace in a new window! Mine takes about 5-10 minutes to take all 20 listings down depending on my internet speed at the time.

Close all the tabs that pop up and check to make sure all your listings were actually removed. Sometimes I have offers out on Poshmark and don't realize, so I have to go back in and remove those listings manually because of Poshmark's rules against deleting listings with active offers.

Head back to your List Perfectly window and reselect the marketplaces you want to relist to. Then hit the "Copy" button! List Perfectly will then begin working on starting new listings for you!

Head into each new tab that's being created and finish your listing off! Since I have the business plan, most of my information transfers over and it only takes me about 30 seconds per listing to get them posted. I've been able to get this entire process down to about 30 minutes!

This strategy has completely changed my business for the better. I make triple the number of sales and with the help of List Perfectly, it takes a minimal amount of time, leaving plenty of time in my day for me to focus on growing my business in other ways, including cross-posting to over 5 platforms.

I promise that losing likes is not a bad thing. In fact, I'm a firm believer that an item with a lot of likes is less likely to sell because that could actually be a deterrent for potential buyers. Platforms also push listings that have just been listed over listings that have been sitting for a while! I see a lot of success with Mercari especially because they don't have any way to refresh your listings beyond dropping the price repeatedly.

Want to try out my strategy for yourself? Use my code: THEHIPPYEDIT for 30% off your first month of List Perfectly! I do get a small commission if you chose to use my code, but I would NEVER promote something I don't truly believe in. This is a service I use every single day and would struggle heavily without. Head to their website to read about their different plans and all the other AMAZING benefits they provide, including UNLIMITED catalog listings and cross-listing!!!

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