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The Top 3 Investments I've Made For My Reselling Business

What's Really Worth It?

This post contains affiliate links and codes! Should you choose to use any of them, I'll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! Your support is greatly appreciated!

The great thing about starting a reselling business is that you can start by spending nothing. As long as you have a phone, internet, something to sell, and a little bit of determination, you can begin making money for yourself!

However, if you want to take your small business to the next level, there are some investments that will need to be made. I've broken down my top 3 most important investments I've made for my business to help you decide what's really worth the money!

1.) A Thermal Label Printer (I use a Rollo!)

I purchased my Rollo printer from Amazon and am absolutely in love with it (click here to buy)! It saves me SO much time and hassel when packaging orders. All I have to do is peel off the label and stick it to each package. No taping, no cutting, no folding required! I also love my Rollo because unlike other brands, they allow you to use any thermal labels you want! That means I can order my 100% eco-friendly labels and still use them even though they're not Rollo brand! It also saves a ton of money on printer ink because it doesn't require any!!

2.) List Perfectly

ListPerfectly is an ecommerce software that helps you crosslist! When I first started reselling, I was one of those people that was TERRIFIED of crosslisting because I thought Poshmark would find out and kick me off their platform. Let me tell you, that fear was completely unfounded and I missed out on a lot of sales with that mentality. Luckily, ListPerfectly came into my life at just the right time and I started crosslisting to over 10 platforms thanks to them!

It's not just about crosslisting though. I also love managing my inventory, delisting/relisting, and being a part of the ListPerfectly community. This company has created something incredibly special with this software and it goes well beyond the technical applications of it. Sure, having access to 12 integrated platforms and the ability to delist and relist 30 items in 30 minutes is HUGE, but gaining the community and friendships I have thanks to them has been even bigger.

If you're looking to start crosslisting to new platforms or to make it easier to manage your inventory, check out ListPerfectly and use code THEHIPPYEDIT for 30% off your first month!

3.) Eco-Friendly Packaging

This is something that's a little more personal to my business and brand, but I still believe it's important for EVERY reseller to keep in mind. Our planet is dying and that's a fact. As resellers, we have an incredibly unique opportunity to make a positive impact on our beautiful home. I chose very early on in my business to use entirely eco-friendly packaging materials because of that opportunity.

There are lots of adorable poly-mailers out there that can make it hard to want to use eco-friendly packaging for your business, but if we don't take care of the one home we have, we won't be able to continue to run our businesses. Every time an item is resold or has it's life extended by just one year, it's carbon footprint is reduced by over 70%! It'd be a shame to undercut that by wrapping it in a single-use plastic polymailer for shipment.

I get all my supplies from a company called EcoEnclose, but there are SO many amazing options out there, including some that don't cost a dime extra! One of my favorite ones is actually the USPS! Did you know that all their boxes are made partially from post-consumer waste and they can be recycled again?? You can order them for free on their website!

These are just three of the investments I've made that made a real impact on my business. None of these are investments you have to make if you don't feel they're a good fit for you and your business. That's the awesome part about being an entrepreneur! You get to do things your way!

My biggest tip when looking at potential business investments is to ask yourself "How will this save me time and money in the long run?" or "How will this impact my relationship with my customers?" If it will allow you time to focus on more important tasks or will build more positive relationships with customers, it's probably worth your money!

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