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Why I'll Never Go Without List Perfectly

This post contains a referral code! If you choose to use my code to sign up for List Perfectly I do receive a small commission!

Sign up for List Perfectly with code THEHIPPYEDIT for 30% off your first month!

When I started reselling, I was only selling on one platform, Poshmark. That trend continued for about a year because I was terrified of getting my account banned for cross-posting my products. Then COVID hit along with reality. If I wanted to start making real money to keep myself afloat, I was going to have to start cross-listing to other platforms.

I began cross-listing by doing everything manually, one listing at a time. Quickly I realized just how much time it was going to take to get all 200 active listings transferred from one site to another. Enter, third-party cross-listing programs.

My first experience with one of these programs was okay but not great and customer service was a nightmare (see my blog post "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" for more details). Then, along came a lovely woman named Tiffany who shared her experiences (and a discount code!) with List Perfectly, a reseller created e-commerce tool.

List Perfectly was founded by two bad-ass women who are sellers themselves. This part was SO important to me because how can someone create a solution to my problems if they've never lived it themselves? Luckily, Amanda Morse and Clara Albornoz truly get the pains of listings products one by one on multiple platforms, and decided to create an amazing program to help other sellers overcome those pains too!

It took some time for me to learn how to use List Perfectly, but now that I'm acclimated, I would never consider running my business without it. Thanks to LP, I've grown my business to five platforms and have the option to get on over ten platforms eventually! They're consistently growing and integrating more awesome features and customer service is always quick to respond and assist with any issues, something that is so important to me given past experiences with third-party programs.

Now, I know a lot of people will ask is it really worth the price tag? My short answer, YES a million times yes!! The average user of LP saves about 40 hours a week or more and I can 100% confirm that statistic. As someone who relists items every single day, I would be spending the majority of my time on this one task if it wasn't for LP. Instead, I get my relisting done in under an hour every morning.

Currently, I use the Business Plan, which is their middle-tier plan. I love this plan because I can bulk crosspost, and it carries over the majority of the information that I need it to. Do I sometimes wish I had the plan that did it all? Sure, but for an extra $20 a month, I don't personally see the need (yet). I also have the ability to add additional product spots for less than a penny a day with any plan, so I never have to worry about running out of space for my inventory! Having access to my analytics and CSV download is also a huge help come tax season!

As I mentioned, I use LP to relist 20 items every single day, and my entire inventory every weekend. This method keeps my inventory fresh and in the "Just Listed" categories on each platform. Without this program, I'd spend hours or even days completing these tasks and it just wouldn't make sense to do at all. With LP and the bulk crossposting feature, I can accomplish this in a fraction of the time and focus more of my energy on growing The Hippy Edit in other ways.

One of those other ways actually has to do with LP too, and that's their AMAZING referral program! List Perfectly gave me my first opportunity to work with a large company as an affiliate and I couldn't be more grateful. Between awesome giveaways (one of which I just won!! See our IG for unboxings!!), their referral codes, and so many more amazing opportunities to work with the company, they've helped me grow my confidence as a seller and business owner, something that is completely priceless to me.

Long story short, I would never go without this amazing program. It's helped me grow my business in more ways than I can count and it has yet to let me down. The community they've created has opened me up to so many opportunities and I can't thank them enough!

Want to try out List Perfectly yourself? Use my code THEHIPPYEDIT at sign up for 30% off your first month!

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